One Busy Street


We have repackaged Aubrey Suwito’s debut album ‘Malacca Sun’ as “One Busy Street”. Originally released in 2000, there have been many requests for a reissue as this album had become ‘almost extinct’ after the original recording house closed down.

Now, almost twelve years later, we present to you “One Busy Street”, featuring 8 songs that have stood the test of time. Here are the audio samples (click the arrows):


“The idea for ‘Malacca Sun’ was to produce an album that sounded like it came from this part of the world. Jazz may be a western form but to ignore our own musical inheritance would do injustice to the genre and ourselves as well.

This (new) offering is different in that it does not set out to amaze nor impress, it is merely a work of joy of all involved. While jazz has so often been labelled ‘exclusive’ in this country, this album invites the listener to participate, appreciate and enjoy the fusion of music, musicianship and cultures.” – Aubrey Suwito


Price: $9.99

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