Includes “Counting Days” (triple AIM Award recipient):

  • Best English Song
  • Best Vocal Performance (Female)
  • Best Music Arrangement
Price: $10.99

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Our latest release ‘HOME’ features 9 original songs that are a unique blend of jazz melodies, Malaysian rhythms and pop-funk arrangements. This album sees Aubrey’s genre-defying musical vision being performed by some of the Malaysia’s finest talents.

‘Home’ was recorded & engineered by Sunil Kumar in Cranky Studio and mastered in Sterling Sound, New York. Listen to these audio samples (click the arrows):


Rehearsing for the album

“Ninety-five percent of my gigs involve backing singers in one way or another, be it on an album production, a ‘live’ concert or even on a reality TV show.  So every once in a while it’s nice to return ‘Home’, writing and playing the type of music that is not necessarily confined to market demands.

Those that know me well know that ‘Home’ is a place I treasure. It is where I am most comfortable, where I can relax and let my hair down. It inevitably also is the place where I can be at my creative best. ‘Home’ is where these new songs you hear on this album were conceived, inspired by the daily lives of the Suwito family.

Aubrey, Andy, Jac and John (tucked away in the drum booth) recording the final song for the album

Compositions aside, the arrangements also had to reflect ‘Home’. So imagine a tune ‘borne’ of jazz roots and ‘brought up’ in the surroundings of metropolitan KL-PJ, where the ‘mamak shop’* lies just a few meters away from the modern skyscraper, where bossanova meets ‘asli’**, … where Michel Camilo meets P. Ramlee?***” – Aubrey Suwito


Price: $10.99

The ‘Cart’ uses Paypal as mode of payment. If you do not have Paypal access, and wish to have it mailed to Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak addresses, click here.


* favourite Malaysian hangout spot that serves ‘pull-tea’ and spicy Indian-Muslim food.

** a common, typically slow, Malay rhythm.

*** Malaysian music/movie legend.


“Aubrey Suwito’s “Home” struck a nerve inside me, a nerve that hasn’t been struck for a very long time. In my daily version of the rat race, running from meetings to meetings, talking endlessly on the phone, pacifying staff, clients, bosses, I rarely get a chance to listen to some real good music. When the first track from “Home” hit my speakers, I dropped everything. The music, the melody, the improvisations, the sound – ALL filled my senses and reminded me of the good old days when all my time was consumed with making, analyzing, interpreting and enjoying good music. “Home” says it like it is. It’s Home. Thank you Aubrey for making me love music all over again.” – Ahmad Izham Omar (COO, Media Prima Television Networks/CEO, Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd)

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Having just received ‘home’, might I say what a splendid job that you’ve done with the audio quality. It’s been such a long time since I’ve heard so much attention given to preserving the nuance, pace and rhythm of the musicians. This is clearly absent in even top notch jazz musicians around the whole where the quality generally sounds a little flat and lifeless.

    To the music and musicians, top notch stuff. I think you’ve managed to find the right balance between playing the notes and leaving space enabling the whole thing to just groove and letting the music speak for itself. I am also pleased that you’ve decided to repackage ‘malacca sun’ as I owned it, lost it, and now found. Really appreciate the music that you put out Aubrey and please continue to do so. I am sure that your efforts will continue to inspire local musicians to follow suit and present their own take and give flavor to having a Malaysian heritage.

    I am so proud of your achievements Mr Aubrey and team!
    I bought your album ‘Home’ and ‘Christmas with Friends’ last year at your concert in Grace Convention Centre.
    I had a great time there watching you and your team performing. I was blown away by the magic that you did to each song! It was indeed superb!!!!
    As for ‘Home’, I have to say that it is unique and I enjoyed every single song that is within the album…..however, my top most favourite is the Gummy Bears.
    Everything within the music is well balanced and each of the musicians played with such great precision and clarity.
    I am just at awe of what you are doing Mr Aubrey and I can’t wait for the release of the Heart of Hymns. I have saw the preview and I have to say this….I am speechless and I thank God for such great musician like you.
    God bless you sir!

    • Wow… that is so kind of you. Thanks so much.

      All I can say is that talent is ‘God-given’, and like the Matt. 25 parable, we can only strive to use it the best we can.

      God Bless you abundantly too!

  3. hai, saya fan jaclyn victor,macam mana saya nak beli album home nie?yang ada lagu counting day???saya sanagat nak boleh tolong saya?

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