2017 In Review

The Highlights

So many in 2017!

  1. My ‘Aubrey Suwito and Friends’ concert with the MPO… which we released as an album only recently.
  2. Kris Dayanti’s ‘Romansa’ concert. Loved the artiste, loved the band, loved the music we made together!
  3. The Kuala Lumpur SEA Games Closing Ceremony. It was a LOT of work, but it was an honor to have gotten the job.

Things that you’re glad you got to do?

  1. Re-start my exercise program
  2. Watch my younger son ‘graduate’ Primary School.
  3. Perform with Chaka Khan, Brian McKnight, Ceelo Green and Eric Benet. I was pinching myself when I realized I was playing ‘Thru the Fire’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’ with the legend herself. Not going to forget that anytime soon!
  4. Discovering an amazing steak restaurant, ‘Meat Point’. (Hint in case anyone wants to take me out for dinner!)

What do u wish you had done, but didn’t?

Gone for a vacation. Maybe in 2018!

Things you wish you had done more of?

Play more tennis, but on some days there just wasn’t enough time or energy.

The SEA Games Closing Ceremony

Biggest challenge you faced?

Juggling the Nova Concert (Judika, Cakra Khan, Faizal Tahir, and many others) workload with the SEA Games deadlines. Both happened in August, and the deadlines were just 10 days apart! We had confirmed Nova only a few days before the SEA Games job landed, so it was pure madness in the months of July/August!

Biggest disappointment of the year?

Arsenal FC. Nuff said.

What did 2017 teach you?

To be a little bit more calm during stressful times.

What made 2017 unique?

I think 2017 was unique cos I never had a day that I wasn’t supposed to be working. It was one project after another and my ‘breaks’ were more like, “Hang it, work can wait for a day, I’m going out for a movie!” Normally in other years I would have at least a week’s breather in between projects.

Any lessons learned?

The same as always, to take care of my spiritual and emotional self, cos I see too many musicians out there just neglecting this part of their lives. Sometimes, it’s not all about the music.

Also, to love the people that love you too.

If your 2017 had a theme, what would it be?

The year that passed by too quickly! (But it was a good year, nonetheless!)

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