The Early Years

People who know me well will tell you that I spent a big chunk of my secondary school years making music on my own. No, I didn’t have fancy recording equipment nor did I have access to a studio in my hometown Melaka. I did have a double-deck cassette mini compo, so I would make my own instrumental tracks or often some ‘minus one’ for my sister who was always singing! I did this by first recording a piano track onto one cassette, and then while playing the recorded piano track off the cassette A, I would play along and record a bass track into Cassette B instead. Then drums, strings, bells, lead… all this played ‘live’ with a Casiotone!! Ah, early days!!

As you would imagine, the quality of the end product wasn’t pristine, but it was good enough for me. When I look back, this mini compo stage was my very first stage of my music journey, but what made it grow was the process that followed soon after, copying songs from albums that I bought.

Which leads me to my next point.

There’s a theory that (even for the average Joe) the music you listen to reflects your personality. I, for one, cannot deny how much some of my favourite albums and songs have influenced the way I make music and in a big way, thus shaping the direction of my music career. It is, essentially, the road map of my journey towards being a musician, a composer, and a music producer.

So for the curious and possibly for some interested musicians who have previously asked me about ‘my secret sauce’, I’m gonna be writing about how some of my favourite albums impacted my own music and what I learned from the music over the years.

Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, keep the music real!

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